Today we talk about Spiritual Health

Since today is Sunday morning and we just read The Just For Today reading, we thought it would be good to talk about your spiritual health. Please listen the Reiki music below and calm yourself down while you continue to read:

About Prayer & Meditation

Spiritual health comes from within your mind and soul. It is something that you have to practice daily just like eating and sleeping to become efficient. You may have a basic idea of what prayer and meditation are. Prayer being the times when you can talk to a Higher Power and meditation being the times when we listen carefully to our thoughts for our Higher Power’s answers.

There are many options available to you regarding how to practice prayer & meditation. It may become uncomfortable and time consuming searching those options out. Finding the right option for yourself can come through being open-minded and by taking time out of each busy day to practice prayer & meditation. You can even try a few different methods until you find a way so personal that it does not feel foreign or contrived.

Finding a spiritual path

Many of us who take time to pray each day even if it very short, have found great job in this event. It is a good way to connect with, and establish a stronger connection with the Higher Power of our own understanding. As you begin to practice prayer & meditation each day, your understanding of your Higher Power will change and grow. Take this from a person who is doing just that right now.

Sometimes we wonder if we are praying ‘correctly’. Remember that your prayer is just as individual as you are. There is no certain way to find your higher power. Like NIKE says…just do it. Practice makes us closer to perfect. Although we will never become perfect in this life, practice does make your methods more refined.

The benefits of Prayer & Meditation

Regardless of the presence of absence of material success in our life today, it is possible to be happy. The answer is simple; practice regular prayer & meditation. You can be fulfilled and content with or without having a lot of money, with or without having a suitable partner or with or without having the approval of other people that you live with now.

With daily practice of prayer & meditation, it becomes easier to live with dignity, to love yourself just as you are now, to be able to love other people just as they are, to laugh easily but most importantly to find great joy and beauty in your surroundings. That is the essence of life and enjoying life today. With so much commotion swirling around us in the world today we must remember the simple things.

Once we achieve a state of gratitude, we begin to seek out different ways to serve another person close to us in our lives, to make a difference to that person and make his or her life just a little bit better today. This awakening of the spirit of good has opened our thoughts to contentment, unconditional love and personal freedom. We can only keep these precious gifts by giving them to someone else.

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