The ‘No Work’ Garden Secrets for Organic Gardeners

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The ‘No Work’ Garden Secrets

Are you tired of weeds in your garden?
Do you want to see more vegetables and less work?

You are not alone, that was our main goal when we started out many
years ago. Our first garden was a weedy mess that took hours per day
to manage and keep clean.
It was not until we tried to figure out ways to work less that we
finally discovered the error of our ways. You see we had made the
classic mistake of following the crowd and accepting conventional
wisdom that states that you have to garden a certain way, and only
that way.

We had learned in our childhood that gardening was done much like
farming, with wide rows and very few actual vegetables in the row in
most cases. The wide rows were developed in response to mechanization
of farming when equipment had to be dragged down the row to keep the
fields clean.
Old fashioned gardening methods used these same wide rows, these same
dragging equipment techniques to keep weeds at bay.
The problem is that when you open up the soil in any way weeds will
grow, and fast in most cases. These old farming techniques actually
were causing more problems than they were solving. When the land is
turned over new weeds spring to life. It is almost like a call to
action for them.

The solution lies in analyzing the natural world and how these
problems are prevented. You see in most cases prevention is the cure,
not stop gap measures that merely mask the real problem.
So, what is the real problem?
In its simplest form the real problem is that land should never be
turned over. The sub soil layers should never be dug or overturned.
And valuable topsoil which takes thousands of years to produce should
never be turned under in the name of weed control.
Look first at the forest. The ground is covered with leaves each
season. The land is never turned over. Yet, the forest thrives with
life and energy.
The same can be true of your garden, if…
If you adopt the same theories and practices.
Keep the ground covered with mulch.
Never turn over your land.
And… in the end stop doing so darn much work.
Let nature do its thing and make the ground more fertile.
Your only job should be to guide this process by selecting the plants
that you want to grow.

Never for a minute assume that you can do a better job at the natural
processes than can be done for you if you leave them alone.
Simply supply the correct mixture of sun, ground covering and the
desired vegetables and let nature run its course.
Of course this is an oversimplification but the basic premise always
remains the same.
When you try and control an environmental process it will rebel and
cause you more work, less productivity, and new problems (weeds) will
certainly take advantage of your mistakes.
Follow this simple plan to find out more about the No Work Garden Secrets

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