The importance of organic foods consumption

Few years ago, people are still unaware of the concept of organic food consumption importance. They just eat anything that they like and provide the entire family member with their favorite meal without considering where it comes from. Since Rachel Carson published her book about the usage of chemical and synthetic pesticide in agricultural product, the public become more aware. Not only that, the government also set a regulation on the toxic chemical substance usage. It is all simply to maintain the balance of ecology. Many people turn into organic food because it is healthier and safer. It is shown by organic food definition as an agricultural product that do not use any chemical substance, preservatives, additives, growth hormone, pesticide, herbicide and other dangerous ingredients in the planting system. With free usage of any dangerous chemical substance then organic product is absolutely safer than the regular commercial one.

The safer and healthier warranty is closely related with organic food gardening system that naturally depends on nature. In the regular farmer, thy usually use growth hormone to decrease the plant period. Not only have that, the farmer also used much toxic chemical substance to control the pest and doubling their crops. It is all done to fulfilled the market demand and gain much more income. It is totally different with organic system. They do not use any pesticide, herbicide or other chemical substance to controlling weds and pest. It is not only healthier for people who consume it but also help the effort to save the earth. The organic gardening system can maintain the land fertility so that the next generation can use it safely.

Organic food product has various products to fulfill our need. It has various fruits, veggies, meat, egg, grain and many others as our daily consumption menu. We can provide healthy food for the whole family member including our beloved baby. Organic food also becomes the safest kind of product that can be provided for baby. It is simply because it fresh and free from any dangerous chemical substance. Not only babies, pet lovers also can obtain many benefits from organic food product. They can provide organic food for their pet and get double advantages from it. They can prolong their pets life while save some money expense on vet visit.

For those who love to consume organic food and have some interest to develop this habit may start an organic business. They can try to make an organic pet business, organic bakery, or even an organic ice cream business. By doing this, they can get multi benefit. They can consume healthier food all the time, helping people to provide safer food and get income from it. Of course it is need a well planned design. It can be including the rent, the utility, the promotion, location and etc. As long as we can carefully learn about the existing market and have strong passion then we can survive.

Even though the world recession bring a bad impact on organic market but many people agree that it will rise again. It is simply because the monetary condition that getting well and the trend of organic consumption that affect many people. People now gladly spend much more money to get organic food as their daily consumption because it can maintain their future health. Previously, they may suffer from many dangerous illnesses because of long period consumption of regular commercial product that contain toxic material.

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