The Growing Importance of Online Recipe Organizers

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The many online websites that contain your favorite recipes make it very easy to cook just about anything. Want to know how to make ratatouille? A quick web search, or a look at one or two online recipe sites, and you’re in. You’ll get a list of ingredients, cooking instructions, and more often than not, you’ll also get comments and observations from others who have already tried out the recipe. The latter point is especially useful. Have you ever followed a recipe that just didn’t work? Most of us have. When somebody publishes a dud recipe online, you can count on commentary to follow soon after. You may even find that the commentary often makes a good recipe even better!


But wait, what do you do with that printed recipe once you’re done? You want to save it to use again (especially if the dish was a big hit). And so, you store the printout (which now is covered with olive oil and eggplant stains) in a folder, which gets larger and larger over time—not to mention, stickier.


There is of course, a better way. The problem with that paper folder is that once you have more than a few recipes in it, it’s difficult to search through. As a result, you’ve negated the very value of the searchable

ecipe sites that you loved so much to begin with. What you want in your recipe catalog is this:


Easy searchability

Easy access

Electronic access

On demand printing

Ability to store from multiple sources


Finding a free online recipe organizer like the one on is quite simple, and it will change the way you shop and plan your meals.


Most of us use more than one website for recipes, but we would certainly like to have a central location to keep all of our favorites, regardless of whether we got it from a website, from an online magazine article, or from our Great Aunt Joyce. The online recipe organizer meets all these needs.


Some of the best online recipe organizers provide all this and more, also building in tips from chefs and other culinary experts, and even video tutorials. You can just copy and paste recipes from any site into the organizer.


An online recipe organizer is remarkably inexpensive, and for anybody who spends much time in the kitchen, it’s worth its weight in powdered sugar. provides rich and tasty cooking recipes online and also a weekly menu planner that will help you keep track of your kitchen activities. 
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