The Advantages of Organic Foods

The debate about the advantages of organic foods has been terminated. According to the results of the latest organic food research, organic foods more nutritious than ordinary foods and also may lengthen of age and prevent disease.

Have 50% more antioxidants

According to a study funded by the European Union, organic fruits and vegetables have 50% more antioxidants, which believe by the experts can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc. According to another new research, organic foods is more able to fight against cancer and people who eat organic foods are able to increases the body’s immune, sleep better, and lighter weight than who are consume non-organic foods.

The flavor is more delicious

Organic fruits and vegetables have better flavor than non-organic. That is why many famous restaurants use organic products. Currently, most of the fruits and vegetables have modified to look nice and durable. Strawberries at the supermarket may look fresh, but the strawberries flavor has faded. The conclusion is the fresh organic fruit has a very good taste.

Safer for your baby and child

The principal advantage of organic foods most felt by your baby. On average 200 babies born with substances that contain toxins and carcinogens in the body. When reach the ages of two years, most of the toxins levels reach the lethal limit. If your child feeding with organic food, will reduce the amount of carcinogens in their blood up to 1 / 6 part than if you give them non-organic foods. The result is can reduce the possibility attacked by a variety of significant diseases. Therefore, it is very important for infants and children to consume organic food.


Did you ever wonder why in the supermarket organic fruits and vegetables decay faster or wither? The reason is because most of the food in the berries rays (radiation). Radiation aims to kill bacteria and preserve food. But also change the molecular structure and vitality of the food. Several methods of radiation uses radioactive materials, the others uses lots of electrons energy, or X-rays. I do not know your opinion, but I prefer to choose my food that I consume is pure and free radiation. So, one of the benefits of organic foods is still a life force.

Genetic engineering is kept secret

Organic food store does not sell genetically engineered foods. Genetically engineered foods could cause allergic and lowered immune system.

Healthy Animals

Meat, fish and organic chicken is healthier for you. The organic livestock do not use hazardous chemicals, growth hormones or antibiotics. Pesticides in non-organic farming not only affect the animals that eat this food. Pesticides accumulate in animal tissue (mainly in fat tissue). The animals that are on top of the food chain will have the highest levels of these chemicals.  One of the advantages of organic livestock is treating their animals better. For them the welfare of animals is a priority. As the results these animals become healthier.

Environmentally friendly

The fact speak that the organic food is very good for the environment. Conventional farming methods cause of soil erosion and use dangerous pesticides that will disappear only after centuries. Think of DDT, although seem harmless but very bad for your health. Although these pesticides have been banned for several years, but the fact remains, DDT found almost in all of water, humans and animals in the world.  One of the benefits of organic foods is with buy organic foods can provide a positive impact to the environments, animals and humans who live in it.

My name is Rangga Cipta Diputra from Indonesia. Recently I am so worry about this planet (Earth) due to global warming. There are so many provide information about Organic Foods, but I hope my article’s useful for everyone.
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