7.75oz Bagna Cauda Warm Dipping Olive Oil

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This product is awesome! Use with melba toast, many different exotic cheeses etc. Highly recommended.


Bagna Cauda means warm bath in Italian. It is used as a fondu for cooking meats and vegetables. We also use our Bagna Cauda for pastas, garlic bread, baked potatoes, and bread dipping. It’s best served warm. And tastes yummy. Get it now while we have it in stock!

Bagna Cauda is a traditional Italian Vegetable dipping Olive Oil served warm, it can also be enjoyed with crusty bread, heat on the stove or in a small ceramic chaffing dish. Enjoy! This product is a big seller and tastes great!

Ingredients: Mission Blend Olive Oil, garlic, anchovies, herbs, and black pepper.




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