Organic Beeswax Candles – Tapers

$8.99 $6.99

These taper candles come in the following sizes: 7/8″ x 8″, 7/8″ x 10″, 7/8″ x 12″ and 7/8″ x 16″ tall/ 7/8″ is the typical base size of each candle.

They also come in the following fragrances: Raw, Ivory, Amber, Apricot, Eggplant, Moss, Pistachio and Red

These candles range in price depending on the heigth of each candle. They start at $6.99 for an 8″ up to $9.99 for a 16″.


taper_beeswax_candlesMany beeswax pillars have difficulty burning because the particulate in beeswax clogs the wick, resulting in a weak flame and tunneling. Our pillars burn perfectly because we use lightly filtered beeswax. Light filtration takes out the right amount of particulate but keeps all of the sweet honey scent.

These candles are about as organic as you can possibly find. They are manufactured by a mom and pops operation here is the US and come straight from the bees to you!

Like all of our candles we have meticulously tested hundreds of wicks to achieve the perfect burn.

We guarantee that you will not be pouring off valuable wax to save a drowning wick. Rest assured; you are buying the best!


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