Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Soap

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An organic extra virgin olive oil soap that feels great, is fragrance free and dye free. This soap produces a thick lather that leaves your skin mositurized and feeling soft without giving you an oily feel. No animal testing was done in the making of this soap. Get it now while it lasts!

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What are the organic benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)?
This product is one of the best of the best, high in heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids and full of antioxidants in the form of polyphenols for your skin. To bolster a healthy lifestyle, one shot of EVOO a day is good for the body in the form of organic soap for your skin. These products are all certified organic.

To learn a bit more about Organic olive oils that make up these products…here are a few Olive Oil terms that are common-

COLD PRESSED – Pressing olives and extracting the oil by mechanical means without
using solvents at a temperature not to exceed 80 degrees fahrenheit.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – All EVOO candidates must undergo a chemical analysis and a sensory evaluation by a taste panel. In accordance with the International Olive Oil Council, the oil must contain no more than .8% acidity in the form of free fatty acids and be free from defects.

However, to be certified EVOO by the California Olive Oil Council in California the oil must undergo a chemical analysis to check that the free fatty acid content does not exceed 5%, peroxide value (for oxidation) and a UV test (to ensure the oil has not been adulterated with another oil). The oil must also be defect free in smell and taste as determined by a taste panel.

*Virgin Olive Oil – Contains .6-2.0% acidity and has some defects in smell and taste.

*Ordinary Virgin Oil – Contains 2.0-3.3% acidity and has some defects in smell and taste.

All olive oil that is more than 3.3% acidity is considered highly defective and unfit
to eat; it must be refined by means of high heat and/or chemical extraction. What is left
is an olive oil that is devoid on taste and nutritional value, 3-5% virgin olive oil is
added to give it an olive oil smell and taste. Refined olive oil is labeled PURE or LIGHT
olive oil. It is a low grade of oil with a mediocre taste and no health benefits.

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