250ml Estate Grown Organic Rosemary Olive Oil

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Come and get these great Organic Olive Oils while they are here! This supplier has given us a healthy supply to sell to our readers now.


This distinctive rosemary olive oil is 100% estate grown and 100% organic. It has a savory rosemary flavor that can only be achieved by cold pressing rosemary and late harvest olives together. Unlike infused olive oil this method creates a true rosemary oil. Superior in quality and flavor intensity.

These distinctive flavored olive oils are produced by pressing the fresh organic ingredient with estate grown late harvest Mission olives. Unlike infused olive oil, this method creates a true flavored olive oil featuring the fresh, natural flavor of the ingredient. You can use these olis to flavor and finish your favorite dishes.

An excellent oil for lamb, chicken, fish, salads, bread or amy other food where the flavors of rosemary and olives are desired.

A consistent medal winner at the International Extra Virgin Olive Oils Competition. Cold Pressed this year!



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