250ml Estate Grown Organic California Cilantro Jalepeno Olive Oil

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These special organic herb & citrus class olive oils are outstanding. Come and get them while they are here! These are Cold Pressed in 2012.


This distinctive cilantro jalapeno olive oil is 100% estate grown and 100% organic. It has a fresh cilantro flavor up front and a jalapeno pepper finish that can only be achieved by cold pressing cilantro and jalapeno peppers with the late harvest olives together. The jalapeno flavor is more like a fresh pepper and not overly hot. Unlike infused olive oil this method creates a true basil oil. Superior in quality and flavor intensity.

Our distinctive flavored olive oils are produced by fresh organic ingredients with estate grown late harvest Mission olives. Unlike infused olive oil, this method creates a true flavored olive oil featuring the fresh, natural flavor of the ingredient. These oils are AWESOME for flavoring and finishing your favorite dishes. They will blend well with just about anything. They will not lose their flavor when used for cooking or baking. Certified organic by the Uniteed States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Ceritifed Organic Farmers (CCOF). These products are THE best!

Cold Pressed 2012


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