Applejack & Orange Peel Organic Soap

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A wonderful blend of baked apple and orange peel with hints of cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg, finished with a drop of vanilla.

Applejack is a fresh, spicy, full scent.

Great gift idea for the holidays! Order now before supplies run out! All of the men (or women) in your life will be soo happy!

***Minimum Order is two (2) bars***


Applejack is a blend of olive, coconut and palm oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide and distilled water. It is scented with fragrance oils and colored with nutmeg which also acts as an exfoliant.

NOW! Made with Shea Butter! This product rocks!

Here is a little bit more detailed info about the ingredients in these soaps:

Olive Oil: Grade A-Olive Oil moisturizes by attracting external moisture and then holds it close to the skin. Olive Oil does not block the natural function of the skin. It allows the skin to sweat, breath and shed skin cells naturally.

Palm Oil: It comes from the Oil Palm Tree and is made from the pulp of the fruit. When mixed with other oils, Palm Oil helps to create a harder bar of organic soap that cleans well but is still mild.

Coconut Oil: This oil is obtained from Copra and dried Coconut meat. This is the ingredient that gives most homemade soaps their high quality. It is moisturizing, it adds a wonderful scent and makes a quick, fluffy lather in the shower! Coconut Oil is well-known as the very best oil to use in soap making.

Shea Butter: This comes from the African Butter Tree. It is mild enough to use on your baby (if you have one), or on anyone with sensitive or dry skin. Shea Butter is very nourishing to all skin types.

Fragrances: Pure Essential Oils which are obtained from plants that carry the scent and the beneficial properties of the particular plant.

Colorants & Additives: Our soaps contain natural herbs, spices & botanicals depending on the flavor. Additives such as blueberries, blackberries and lavender flowers which are valley grown along with Nutmeg.


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