Organic ways to prepare for flu season

By Jim Fain

The administrators here at know Dr. Fain personally. We have been counseled by him many times and have permission to re-post his writings. Dr. Fain has been practicing for many years and always writes about good tips for staying healthy using natural products. Here is his latest blog post:

The Media Hype

Here we are in November and flu season is typically months away, but already there are fears being generated. Scary words are being televised and flu vaccine booths are popping up in grocery stores like weeds. No one knows what flu strain will be strongest this year so being vaccinated may be helpful for some and not others.

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Vitamin D & Monolaurin  Supplements

It’s time to ramp up the amount of vitamin D you take daily in anticipation of winter. I personally take 6,000 iu/day. This is good to do to keep respiratory diseases at bay.
When colds start to show up, flu won’t be far away; so here is a primer on natural care for these predictable nasties.

First, at the first symptom of cold or flu go heavy on Monolaurin and you may stop it in its tracks so buy a bottle in advance and have it on hand. Otherwise, did you know tropical red Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) tea, traditionally used to ease indigestion, also relieves colds and respiratory trouble? Hibiscus is also a natural source of Vitamin C. This can be added to my favorites for both ailments, Elder tea straight (colds) or blended with Peppermint (flu) and is very effective at stopping or preventing them. Cheap, too! I like brewing the tea in large amounts, as drinking more is the way to go.

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Good Herbal Teas & Essential Oils to help soothe

How I brew leaves, flowers and herbs: (Rooibos, Green, Chamomile, Lavender, Hibiscus, Elder, Peppermint etc.)

Make as an infusion – Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. of the tea.  Steep 10-12 minutes.  Strain  – or use a very clean or dedicated Mr. Coffee type maker- place 1 oz of herb in the basket to 1 full carafe of water – try a second batch with the same herb. Aromatic herbs or essential oils can ease stuffy noses and chest congestion.

A fully natural approach would start early (now) with a good strong immune booster like an immune system support based upon mushroom extracts. I’d go high value if the going gets rough. I’d then take large amounts of Monolaurin and maybe combine it with grapefruit seed extract. I’d also drink large amounts of Elder tea (mixed with peppermint if I got a fever) every day.

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Winter time precautions to keep germs at bay

During cold and flu season, I’d stay away from crowds; wash my hands a great deal, keep tissue paper around to catch sneezes and use herbal disinfectant on door handles, keyboards and telephones. Soap and water is one of the best germ killers/disinfectant. A good night’s sleep, healthy diet, extra vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate) and a good multiple vitamin goes a long way.

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