Lets talk about the organic effects of Pycnogenol

By Jim Fain PhD

Pycnonogel is derived from the French Maritime Pine tree. It is a a high quality extract has so many uses and practical benefits that we are finding it difficult put it together an organized column. This easy to take, all natural gift from nature has more than 270 scientific studies published on PubMed. You can read the studies Here.

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Some of the organic benefits of Pycnogenol

ADHD, Parkinson’s, cancer, asthma, heart disease, prevention of sunburn, venous insufficiency, eye troubles like retinal bleeding or macular degeneration and glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel, Crohn’s, allergies, seborhea, eczema and psoriasis along with blood pressure are just some of the ailments pycnogenol has shown benefit. There are many more. Where do I as a natural health columnist start? There are so many ways that I can go with this article.

This supplement has multiple benefits and I use it myself….. but mostly I use it to help with coronary artery disease. Additionally I added vitamin K2 at 100mcg/daily hopefully to reduce calcium in my arteries. Of course, I have made some major food changes and I’ve changed my food choices from the supermarket but, in addition to that, I’ve added this food supplement, pycnogenol, from the health food store at 100mg/day.

Most people will find benefit with just 50mg/day, for whatever they happen to have to deal with, as long as the pycnogenol is of high quality. I like a European standardized product but an American standardized is ok, too. There is very little downside with very few people reporting negatives to me such as a mild tummy ache when first starting. I talk with many people in my business and I get feedback from many sources.

If you would like more specific information on this product call Dr. Fain at 479-253-5687

Warnings about using Pycnogenol

I wouldn’t suggest pycnogenol if you’re on prescribed drugs that reduce the activity of your immune system like Embrel (R). Pycnogenol has been shown to be immunomodulatory meaning it helps the immune system target the bad guys without it causing an autoimmune response. Any autoimmune ailment likely would reduce with the use of this extraordinary extract. I believe, this is why allergies reduce across the board as this goes to the underlying issue of an overexuberent immune response. Chronic skin disorders fall into this same group as does rheumatoid conditions.

Nature’s generosity

This is a gift from Nature which is abundant in generosity. You can see how difficult pycnogenol is to write about but I’ve seen first hand how people improve their lives after using pycnogenol over time. A smart choice in adding other supplements can make a big difference when combined with Maritime Pine bark.

If you would like more specific information on this product call Dr. Fain at 479-253-5687

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