Here are some organic ways to treat anxiety naturally

By Jim Fain, PhD

Any time of the year can be emotionally tough but holidays and upcoming Federal budget fights in January can add worry and tension. While everyone feels blue or down every now and then, anxiety and tension is different. Anxiety and tension have different sources though they almost always include being tightly wound. People who worry, fret, think too much, ponder too much, plan too much and who have a hard time relaxing/resting/sleeping are likely uncomfortable from anxiety and tension.

The emotional and physical reasons for anxiety

There are physical and emotional causes of anxiety. Physical causes can be prescribed drugs, unintended drug combinations, recreational drugs, quitting coffee, quitting smoking, chronic aches and pains to list just a few. Emotional causes have to do with being caught up in your head and feeling frightened by the future. The body tightens up (a good massage is a good thing).

TSH Thyroid testing

Sometimes, a gland may not be functioning properly such as your thyroid and when estrogens are out of range in both men and women depression and anxiety follow. Lab tests such as TSH (thyroid), estradiol, progesterone and testosterone can be easily done to find out if there is a problem. Other troubles like red skin hives can be caused by chronic stress and worry. This is normally attributed to allergy but could be adrenal overload. Natural adrenal support supplements can be a lifesaver.

Amino Acid support

Some supplements like vitamin D and DL-Phenylalanine help prevent mood change, especially those connected to not enough sunlight. Several supplements are exceptional in lifting anxiety. The amino acid L-5HTP which when given in the proper amount is as effective for many as Prozac(R) without the nasty side effects (just don’t use it along with it or any of its prescribed cousins).

N-acetyl cysteine and reducing anxiety

N-acetyl cysteine is effective in reducing the severity of anxiety particularly the repeating behaviors. L-theanine benefits include; promoting relaxation without drowsiness, improved learning and concentration, reducing stress and anxiety that may set off depression. Magnesium spray on muscles works fast for tension and has the added benefit of relaxing the entire body making this fairly new supplement ideal for bedtime. Simply, reducing tension and anxiety can make a huge difference to help you sleep. Taking a supplement formulated for relaxation is a cheap and simple first step anyone can do. Unwinding with a healthful relaxation product will certainly help you get through the holidays and the mid-January Federal budget fight. That being said, simply shutting off your TV can be a lifesaver.

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