Today we talk about great organic soaps

Hand-made organic olive oil soap is available in Organically In Tune Soap Store now! Get yours today…it is only $13.99/bar with a 2 bar minimum. We regularly sell these soaps to individuals all around the country and our readers just love them! Buy 5+ and save $.99/bar. The administrators here at HIGHLY recommend these […]

What are the differences between organic soap and fake soap?

When are real organic cosmetics organic? Today we are going to examine how an organic bar of soap measures up to one of those bars of soap that you buy in the big box stores. SUNGAPORE: The natural market for organic cosmeetics has shown huge increases in about the last 10 years. This has been […]

How to tell fake soap from organic soap

Look for soaps with cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil as a main ingredient which is rich in antioxidants and revitalizing skin nutrients. Most commercial soaps contain very little or none