What kind of organic benefits are in Milk Thistle..?

Silibinin from milk thistle reduces PSA levels from the diseased prostate gland and has an anticancer benefit.

Take good care of your kidneys- here are some organic ideas

A vegetable/fruit-based diet allows the body system to alkalinize via the kidneys, lowering blood pressure, and contributing to a sense of well-being.

Yellow Pea Protein for Hypertension and Kidney Disease

I started this website/blog because of having serious issues w my kidneys. It has taken me two + years pretty much to finally find some good info to share with all of you guys out there. For those of you who may be dealing with daily fluxuating blood pressure issues and/or kidney disease like I […]

Glutamine supports kidney health

Glutamine passes through your kidneys it makes two molecules of bicarbonate, helping to alkalinize your body’s natural pH