Organically In is a website that:

  • Promotes proper nutrition, safe exercise, positive family relationships, and emotional well-being.
  • Endorses a heart-healthy diet.
  • Recognizes faith in God as a key component of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Emphasizes a back-to-basics approach to health.
  • Encourages a lifetime of physical fitness.

We have assembled for you a few key positive points about advertising with us:

Organically In readers enjoy high-end purchasing power

Our readers are highly-educated professional people who are concerned about their environment and general health and have the purchasing power to prove it! More than three out of four of our readers have attended college. One out of four have earned postgraduate degrees. More than half of Organically In Tune.comreaders are professionals of some kind or work in management positions. One quarter are homemakers.

Organically In combines the physical, mental, and spiritual elements of life

Organically In combines the physical, mental, and spiritual elements of a healthy lifestyle using a practical approach. More than 80 percent of the average-age Organically In readers exercise two or more times per week. Three out of four subscribers maintain a healthy diet.

Organically In readers share what they read

Organically In readers share this website with others, creating an always-expanding base of buyers to buy your products. Many readers believe that their neighbors would find Organically In interesting, indicating the high value they place on our website. Organically In readers are careful readers. They believe what they read on Organically In because we publish articles written by knowledgeable experts in their fields and buy products to support their convictions.

Organically In hits your target market

Organically In readers buy health foods, maintain an exercise program, are well-read, show concern for the environment, and continually search for ways to enhance their emotional and spiritual lives. Organically In will hit your target market!


Our online advertising rates start at $750/month and go up to $1450/month depending on the location and frequency that you would like your advertisement to appear.

Our sales representative will design a custom plan that fits your needs. All quotes are custom designed based on which part of the website that you are interested in. Please use the contact us form and send an email with your request. We will call you back within 48 hrs. Please do not forget to include your contact telephone number.

Please send an email to: with your advertising desire. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for you interest in advertising with us.



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