About Us

Allen A. Smith – Organically In Tune® Founder

We decided to begin the process of building this online portal to share some of our knowledge of gardening and also to share information we have learned, with the help of others who have vast knowledge, about herbs and their healing properties. Our interest in herbs and other unconventional and natural ways of healing began years ago after a string of serious illnesses struck myself and a close family member.

While battling an on-going, degenerative disease and after an exhaustive and unsatisfactory experience with western style medicine, my family turned it’s interests to alternative medicine. We spent years reading about and studying different sources of natural healing and talked with others who had similar health issues. They shared their experiences, strengths and hopes with us and inspired us by promoting ongoing learning. People who have similar issues.

We began to ivestigate regular acupuncture treatments as well as read herbal medicine encyclopedias searching to find something other than what the western doctors had to offer. We were basically seraching for a treatment that would be the least invasive as possible.

Over the course of the last few years, we have made many healthy lifestyle changes along with beginning to take a certain daily concoction of herbs configured specifically to target the organs we had issues with. This long process has had a huge positive impact on how we feel and the quality of our lives. We began taking an interactive part of the general health recovery process. We started learning how to read blood serum hematology reports and asked many questions to many “doctors”. We started keeping track of the monthly reports. This way we could see progress as it happened. I found out how a certain synergy of herbs reacted with my body.

There is no better feeling than taking positive steps towards better health and catching a glimpse of yourself in a healthy state of existence. It is like taking a huge breath of fresh air from the top of a mountain. It is a long process for most people. If you stick with it, it eventually becomes a way of life as it has for my family.

Our vision for this portal, as grass roots backyard farmers, is to be an ember of hope for others who may have similar issues with their health. Through the information contained in the members’ area, it is our wish that you might gain some solid ideas and formulate a plan towards the direction you want your health state to be in. We are continually learning and sharing, through blog posts, with our own families and friends better ways to live a healthy life. Leading by example, we hope they will learn to embrace these ideas with interest and excitement and learn to make these practices a way of life.

If you are interested in talking with us about the basic lifestyle changes that we have made, which you can do also and are easy to incorporate into your life, please just send a message via the contact us page and we will give you some simple steps to get you started to feeling better. If we don’t know the answer to your specific question, then we can direct you to a holistic health care professional who will help you that is trusted.