A yummy organic recipe for Lobster Ravioli

Every once in a while we come across great recipes from people that we run into in our daily travels. This particular recipe comes from a woman who lives and works on the Central Coast of California named Carole Truesdale. She was kind enough to email to us one of her favorite family recipes so that we can share it with you.

There is so much fine dining and wine production on the Central Coast of California that it is almost a full time job to learn about it. Carole’s recipes call for just enough of certain alcohol products to pick up the specific flavor of the grapes in the food after the alcohol has been seared off by the intense heat the cooking procedure produces. Please give this recipe a try in your kitchen and then let us know how you liked it.

Here are the ingredients and the method of preparation:

Lobster Ravioli w/Creamy Tomato & Crab Sauce


1 pkg.Lobster Ravioli

4 Tbs.Butter

1 Tbs. finely chopped shallot

2 oz. Cognac or brandy

5oz. TomatoSauce

10 oz.Heavy Cream or cream substitute

4oz.Crab (if canned,drain and rinse crab before adding to sauce mixture)

3 Tbs.Sherry

½ tsp.French Tarragon

Here are the preparation steps in order for you:

  1. Prepare the lobster ravioli per package instructions,drain and keep warm. Do not cover but cook the ravioli, you want them Al dente.
  2. In a separate saucepan melt butter and sauté the shallots until opaque.
  3. Add 2 oz.cognac/brandy and cook off the alcohol– be careful that the alcohol does not flambay; you just want to burn off the alcohol, not burn down the kitchen.
  4. Add tomato sauce and stir until combined, then add the cream and cook until bubbly and thickened stirring often so the sauce does not burn.
  5. Add crab meat and heat thoroughly.
  6. Before serving add 3 Tbs. Sherry and mix well, toss in the tarragon.
  7. Pepper and salt to taste, go light on the salt because sometimes the ravioli contains a significant amount of salt in the filling mixture.
  8. Place the ravioli in a warmed plate, top with the sauce and add a sprinkle of Smoked Paprika, add a bit of flat-leaf Italian parsley. If serving casserole style, add some sauce to the bottom of the dish,add ravioli and top with sauce…serve extra sauce on side.

For a salad, my recommendation is a mixed green with lite olive oil and white balsamic vinegar lace. Keeping the flavors unique and not overpowering with the dressing; less is surely more! This also works as a great side dish too.

Serving suggestions

Serve along with a glass of Barbara or a chilled buttery Chardonnay will do just fine. Either will work, it depends upon your own style, taste and likes. This dish is rich in texture and taste…dessert should be fresh fruit such as organic strawberries, organic blueberries, all mixed together.


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