15 Organic Ways To Reduce Stress

Most people experience less leisure and more daily stress as they juggle work and career, family and friends.

One of the main goals of this website, Organically In Tune.com  is to share pertinent information with our readers about simple, effective ways to live as organically as possible. We take great pride in sharing items that we have found that follow this simple principle.

In spite of life’s demands on our mental and physical health, there are some simple and effective steps that can be taken to ease up on the daily pressures that we all experience. Here are a few of them below. These may be simple, and you may have heard them before but a quick refresher never hurt anyone. When these items ae used in combination with each other their power becomes much greater. Think about it.

Number 1- Begin the day with a brief prayer and meditation. Rather than jumping out of bed and rushing to beign your day, take a few minutes-from five to twenty-to pray, meditate quietly and think peaceful thoughts. Try to appreciate the gift of a new, fresh day. Beginning this way gives you a sense of peace throughout the day that should stay with you all day!

Number 2- Remember that you get to make mistakes. Many people sink into despair or scolding themselves after making a mistake! We all are human and not perfect. Mistakes are a part of being human. Ease up on yourself! It will be okay as long as you learn from that mistake and try your best not to repeat it!

Number 3- Create peaceful images in your mind. Several times during your workday, pause briefly to create peaceful images in your mind. For example, picture yourself canoeing on a calm, still lake with the sun shining brilliantly on the water! Or imagine yourself sitting quietly on a hillside where you are completely surrounded by beautiful wildflowers. Practicing this simple exercise will greatly help you to not yell as much at co-workers or think bad thoughts towards them. Thinking badly about co-workers is a huge problem and can easily ruin your whole day. Pick out the one person that you despise the most and wish them a nice day today! you will be amazed at how much better your day will go by being compassionate. If you take the time to get to know that person, you might find out that they are not “that” bad after all even if you ca not stand his or her hair style! lol

Number 4- Practice hospitality. Maintain an open door policy in your mind for everyone that you will encounter during the day. Try to greet each person with a smile. This will make others feel good about being with you in the same room and working together with you. Just try to be “that guy” who makes happy changes at work.

Number 5- Observe your breathing. When we are relaxed our breathing is slow and even. However, when we are anxious or upset we tend to breathe irregularly. Pay attention to your breathing.  Stressful breathing leads to unwanted high blood pressure in just minutes. You can control your breathing with a new app out today. We just use the old fashioned method here at work, but there is an app if you search of it.

As soon as you notice yourself becoming stressed, sy to yourself, “STOP”. As you breathe out smile. As you practice this, let your shoulders drop to your side and relax your hands. Try it now! Its easy. Repeat this technique several times and you will find that once you get your breathing slowed down, your stress level will greatly decrease.

Number 6- Take a brisk walk outside. Experts note that exercise is most effective in burning off excess adrenaline that fuel feelings of anxiety and stress. Exercise also releases endorphins-the body’s natural chemicals that block anxiety and pain. So take a brisk walk over lunch hour. During office hours you can take a brisk walk down the hallway or up a flight of stairs.

Number 7- Change your lunch environment. Get out of the office and enjoy your noon meal in the park. Look at the big trees. Think about what those trees would say to you if they could talk to you. This helps to add some variety into your day. Use this time to be with nature. At least once or twice a week, eat by yourself in silence. Eat your food slowly. Be thankful for your meal. Enjoy being by yourself! It is okay to enjoy yourself and nature.

Number 8- Walk in someone else’s shoes. Try to see a conflict or difference of opinion from another person’s point of view. In most cases you will find your anger slipping away like magic!

Number 9- Be aware of what you drink. The caffeinated drinks that you drink throughout the day can be a mental health nightmare! Its true. Too much caffeine can cause you to have shaky hands, restlessness and irritability-allof which increase stressful feelings. Try eliminating it from your routine. We know that those drinks make you feel good but it is usually a short-lived sugar high which is followed always by a low blood sugar crash causing more feelings of depression.

Number 10- Concentrate on the task at hand, not the outcome. This is another way of learning how to be less tha perfect. When you find yourself fretting about a project, speak gently to yourself, saying: “Here I go again worrying about the future, I will just try my best now”. Then do that. Remember to leave the future into God’s hands!

Number 11- Just say “No”. Sounds like a political statement from the 1980’s. lol You do not have to accept every project, every invitation to be involved, every opportunity to attend a meeting. Accept what you need to do, and do what you need to do, but say “No, thank you” to other requests for your time. It is okay to turn some projects down to ease your stress level. It really works and you will feel more “in command” of your life now, today.

Number 12- Make a peace pact with yourself. As soon as you being to feel angry, hostile cynical, skeptical, irritable of inpatient, repeat a word that can offset the negative energy immediately.  Some examples include peace, love, joy, faith, hope, patience etc. That technique works very fast.

Number 13- Relive a happy memory. Tap into the power of your memories! In a time of stress, look back and remember a pleasant experience or happy time in your life. We all have them mixed in with the trauma(s).  This technique will get your mind off of the negative and off onto something more positive.

Number 14- Let there be music! The right music for you can easily take you from a highly tense state to a relaxed state of mind in a very short time! It is true. The right music generally is in instrumental form rather than vocal. This is an important fact to point out. Many people find that combined sounds of nature along with calm musical harmonies can be instantly relaxing and remove much stress.

Number 15- Do not bring problems at work home with you! Leave office problems at the office. You will feel better and you will return to work refreshed, energetic and most of all…more creative! It is hard to leave office problems at work….we know this. And it takes practice too. But if you start today, little by little you will see improvement in the way that you feel.

Thank you for reading this article. As always, we hope that it has renewed your ability to live better. That is our goal here with this site blog. Please send us your comments and live healthy!


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